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Christmas Fun Fly
(at the DDMAC Airfield)

Sunday 28th December 2014

This event is going ahead, please see the forum for full details.

Martin Lynn is arranging a Christmas fun fly event, from 11.00am onwards on Sunday 28th December 2014.

  A few spot prizes will be awarded for any significant flights or events during the day.

This is not a competition and is purely aimed for members to fly together and have some fun (details below).

After circulating our local clubs and inviting them to join us for this event, Keighley (KADMAC) have indicated that 6 to 8 of their members will be coming over. Pontefract and Horbury did reply, but to date (24/12/2014) they have not indicated that any of their members will be coming on the day. I did not receive a reply or acknowledgement from any, of our other local clubs.


Event Details

1. ETA!
Each pilot must take off and land in a time as near as possible to 150 seconds. The winner is the pilot who lands the nearest to the time. Time starts from when the wheels or skids (helicopters) leave the ground and ends when they wheels/skids touch back down (no transmitter timers or watches allowed).

2. Touch & Go-Planes
Each pilot must take off and complete as many touch and goes in 2 minutes. The time keeper will give the instruction for the pilot to go and start the watch. The pilot must then take off and complete as many touch and goes as they can, within the 2 minute period. A full circuit must be completed between each touch (you can turn as tight as you dare but must complete a full circuit between each touch of the wheels). The winner will be the pilot who completes the most touches in the allotted time.

3. Helicopter Touches-Helicopters
Each pilot will take off from the take off spot. The pilot will then fly to the 3 other marked spots (can do in any order they wish) but must touch a landing skid on each of the spots. The pilot must then land back on the take off spot. The winner will be the pilot that completes the sequence in the fastest time.

Event Timings

1. 1100 to 1200 Free Flying.

2. 1200 to 1245 Bacon/ Sausage Sandwiches Tea & Coffee Served

3. 1245 to 1400 ETA Event & Free Flying.

4. 1400 to 1530 Fixed Wing Touch & Go & Helicopter Touches Event.

5. 1530 onwards Free Flying & perhaps some Night Flying.